Game of Thrones season four, episode one – Two Swords: The best bits you might have missed


All men must die, but hopefully not today, now that Game of Thrones is back.

Whether you risked a tired morning by staying up to watch the 2am simulcast, or more sensibly tuned into Sky Atlantic tonight, the season 4 opener was probably the best series premiere since the pilot.

Aside from the foreboding ‘cold open’ as Tywin Lannister had blades forged from Valyrian steel, here’s our favourite moments from Two Swords.

1. Oberyn’s entrance



The prince of Dorne hasn’t travelled to King’s Landing to pay respects at Joffrey’s wedding – he came to play.

Oberyn, or The Red Viper, presides over the first slice of ‘sexposition’ of the series, ruthlessly deals with some insolent Lannisters and then fairly explicitly lets Tyrion know that his family have got some pay back on the way.

Full credit to Pedro Pascal for bringing the character to life with so much swagger.

2. Can’t…

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