App updates this week: Twitter, BreakFree, Evernote, Citrus and more!

App updates this week: Twitter, BreakFree, Evernote, Citrus and more!

From the uber-budget Moto E to the Lok Sabha Elections 2014, it has been an exciting weeks. Amid the conundrum over elections, if you’ve missed on your daily dose of app updates, then here’s a quick recap.


Earlier this week, Twitter’s finally rolled out the highly anticipated mute button. It allows users on web as well as mobile to silence another Twitter user with just a couple of clicks. By muting a user on Twitter, their Tweets and Retweets will no longer be visible on your timeline, and you will no longer receive push or SMS notifications from that user. However, the muted user will still be able to fave, reply to, and retweet your Tweets, but you won’t see any of that activity on your timeline.

Facebook for iOS

Facebook aims to make your posts more relevant with contextual content cards in iOS app

Facebook has just released Facebook for iOS 10.0 and with it, the company is bringing Google Now-style contextual cards for each of your posts.

The app lets you review a preview of a status update and strip out any unwanted suggested links Facebook plans to append in the form of these cards. You can edit which pages which will linked to.

One thing is for sure, by making these cards contextual, Facebook is trying to show that your posts are not just posts, by showing you real-time feedback through images, pages, links and a few things about your friends as well. It uses color-coded cards: green for content, red for places, yellow for photos, and blue for birthdays.

And it’s not like Facebook will throw up the same cards for each of your posts. When you just mention watching a movie, it will show you which of your friends also watched it, or liked it. This also works for music, books and TV shows. If you post from a certain location, it will throw up cards showing your friends’ post from the same spot. If you tag a friend whose birthday it is, it will show you a card reminding you of it, in case you had actually forgotten.

In a way this is the company’s Facebook Now app. Facebook is clearly showing its users that their presence on the network is not perfunctory and it actually has links to other friends. One could also say that it’s helping strengthening friendships by showing common interests that may not surface elsewhere.

This is, of course, not the first contextual suggestions experiment by Facebook. Page posts you’ve liked throw up other so-called similar pages and the same goes for news articles. But this is a little more urgent. Essentially by putting in the smartphone app, Facebook is trying to become more than just your go-to app for time-killing. It’s trying to ensure that you are using the app for a little bit longer, by throwing up connections. It’s banking on the serendipity factor. Of course, the potential to sell this space to businesses has presumably not gone unnoticed. Like for example, suggesting nearby stores when you check in at a certain location, based on your interests on Facebook. That could very well be in the pipeline, but for now it’s about keeping the news feed fresh. At least on the iOS app.

In addition to the cards, Facebook for iOS now lets you compose posts while offline or in weak connectivity. Your post will published when you are back in range. Facebook claims to have made some speed improvements as well.


Citrus has now shed its beta tag and also added a slew of new features to the app. The app has added a new drawer to access the features quickly, improved registrations, help screens and a new FAQ section. In terms of usability and performance improvements, it gets editable bank details, timestamp on all transaction receipts, easier verification and longer session timeout, along with some bug fixes. Users can download the Citrus Cash app from the Google Play store.

BreakFree for Android
An Indian couple has developed a new app to curb smartphone addiction which calculates the amount of time users spend on their phones and reminds them to take breaks. The new BreakFree app measures how long you spend using apps, how often you unlock your phone and how much time you spend making phone calls. It calculates an “addiction score” based on these metrics. It is available on the Google Play store

BreakFree Cell Phone Addiction - screenshot thumbnailBreakFree Cell Phone Addiction - screenshot thumbnailBreakFree Cell Phone Addiction - screenshot thumbnailBreakFree Cell Phone Addiction - screenshot thumbnail


Evernote for Windows
Evernote for Windows now gets the new Presentation Mode. The new feature allows users to convert their notes into a full-screen easy-to-read design, suitable for a boardroom or lecture.

Google Search for iOS 
Google Search app for iOS now allows asking questions with your voice. Besides, Google Now has also been improved. The app now allows what Google calls ‘smarter conversation’. Users can now ask questions like ‘What’s the weather like?’ and next one could be ‘How about this weekend?’ Google Now also gets new cards such as favorite authors, blogs and so on. iOS users can download Google Search from the Apple App store.




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