Pro-Democracy Students Storm Government Square in Hong Kong


Police used pepper spray and protesters threw plastic bottles in Hong Kong late Friday, as pro-democracy demonstrators stormed a public square attached to the government’s headquarters. More than a dozen people, mainly students, were arrested.

At about 10:30 p.m. local time, several students managed to scale the three-meter high barricades around Hong Kong’s “Civic Square,” a time-honored focal point of peaceful protest in the Chinese Special Administrative region, but which had been shuttered since July.

Some 50 people then rushed in but were quickly surrounded by police. Around half this number remained at lunchtime on Saturday, but were quickly running out of supplies.

“This is a violation of human rights,” said student leader Alex chow over a loudspeaker, of police refusing to let those inside leave to use the bathroom or get food and water.

Some 2,000-3,000 supporters remained in the area surrounding the square, but Yvonne Leung, spokesperson for…

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