A Reality (g)Rift


Reality is a mess.

To make this claim is to do little more than confirm the subtext of most newspaper headlines whether they speak of ongoing injustices, student debt, economic instability, violence, environmental degradation, or some other woebegone tale of the present age. An oft repeated refrain in this context features a sort of dismayed befuddlement that this is still the state of the world – a frustration that after decades of the aforementioned litany of societal failures we continue on the same course. Many people today find their lives touched by technological accoutrements that speak of an idyllic sci-fi future, even as the world beyond the smart phone screen continues dolefully echoing the past.

Reality is a mess, attempts to fix it are challenging, exhausting, and often prove unsuccessful, it is far easier to just look for an escape. And the evangels of technology are always happy to provide…

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